Education - General Information

A number of awards (training courses) are available for members on a regular basis. Of course for those wanting to join the Club and become a volunteer lifesaver, you’ll need to attain your Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion as a starting point. There are also important roles (and awards) for those not wanting to get in the water such as Senior First Aid Certificate, Spinal Certificate etc.

Contact the Club's Director of Training & Education for more information: CLICK HERE

Surf Life Saving NSW is a Registered Training Organisation so many of the awards delivered by our Club trainers, or arranged through SLS Far North Coast Branch, can lead to an Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) qualification or Statement of Attainment. Further detailed information is available on the SLS NSW web site on this aspect.


Education - Resources

Education - Resources

Surf Life Saving NSW have recently updated their web site making accessing training and education resources easier.

This link will take you directly to the relevant information on the SLS NSW Web Site - click here.