Junior Activities Committee and Age Managers

If you are interested in being involved in the Nippers activities this year and helping us by filling one of the vacant roles, please contact the Director of Junior Activities.  

The Junior Activities (Nippers) Committee and Age Managers for 2018/19 are:
Junior Activities Committee:
Director, Junior Activities - Kristy Collins
Assistant Secretary (Junior Activities) - Bronwyn Haller
Assistant Treasurer (Junior Activities) - Tracey Lister
Assistant Registrar (Junior Activities) - Robyn Simmonds
Water Safety Supervisor - Rod Anderson
Assistant Gear Steward (Junior Activities) - Jayson Waldock
Assistant Branch Delegate (Junior Activities) - Kristy Collins
Beach Coach (Junior Activities) - Nat Borham
Water Coach (Junior Activities) - Will Keane, Michelle Henry
BBQ Coordinator (Junior Activities) - Tom Hogan
Age Manager/Surf Ed Coordinator (Junior Activities) - Stuart Hume
Uniform Officer (Junior Activities) - Jenni Campbell, Donna Chapman
Proficiency Coordinator - Kristy Collins
Point Score Coordinator - Robyn Simmonds
Functions Coordinator - Vacant
Competition Day Coordinator - Vacant
Age Managers:
U6 - Will Keane
U7 - Stuart Hume
U8 - Amy Gasnier
U9 - Leah Cook, Matt Tapping, Max Anderson
U10 - Trent Gasnier 2015 age managers
U11 - Adam Greenhalgh
U12 - Geoff Tapping, Jesse Coates
U13 - Michelle Henry
U14 - Scott Callaghan, James Winney