Surf Education

The Junior Development Program (Surf Education) is an integral part of our Junior Activities Program. This program is based on clearly defined outcome statements. Children in each age group gain a Surf Education Award at the conclusion of the season. The program is based on participation and not assessed on competence - your child must be actively involved in the lessons to be eligible for the award. The Surf Education lessons are undertaken during normal nipper activities (October, November and December).

See the SLSA webpage link for more information on the Junior Development Awards.

Learning Outcomes:DSCF4543DSCF4527

U6 - Surf Play 1

U7 - Surf Play 2

U8 - Surf Aware 1

U9 - Surf Aware 2

U10 - Surf Safe 1

U11 - Surf Safe 2

U12 - Surf Smart 1

U13 - Surf Smart 2