The Club’s Board meets monthly and is elected at the Club’s Annual General Meeting, usually held in July or August each year. The 2016/17 Board members are: 

  • Club President: Mario van Eck
  • Vice President: Ron Shepherd
  • Director of Administration: Therese Crollick
  • Director of Finance: Annette Lee
  • Director of Lifesaving: Allan Noble
  • Director of Training & Education: Stephen Perris
  • Director of Junior Activities: Kristy Collins
  • Director of Surf Sports: Lauren Waldock

There are a number of office holders who also fulfil key roles within the Club which contribute to the day-to-day running of operations:

  • Assistant Director of Lifesaving: Scott Callaghan
  • Junior Club Captain: Sam Limpenny-Fawcett
  • Powercraft Captain: Duncan Hope
  • Gear Steward: Warren Lusted 
  • Club Registrar: Mario Van Eck
  • Assistant Registrar: Sharon Balkin
  • Public Officer: Mario Van Eck
  • Assistant Director of Administration (Junior Activities): Bronwyn Haller
  • Assistant Gear Steward (Junior Activities): Jayson Waldock
  • Assistant Registrar (Junior Activities): Rachel Paull
  • Clothing Officer: Karen Perris
  • Publicity Officer: Leanne Cawley
  • First Aid/Safety Officer: Barb Mortimer
  • Boat Captain: Warren Lusted
  • Radio Officer: Duncan Hope
  • Team Manager: Vacant
  • Events Manager: Andrew Dougherty
  • Clubhouse Officer: Ron Shepherd
  • WH&S Officer: Gary Murphy

If you wish to contact any of the Board or Office Holders, you can do so via the Director of Administration.