Member Access to Gym

Gym Membership Process
All Members - The building can only be accessed with an electronic FOB key. If you already have a FOB this will also get you into the new building as well (BUT you still need to become a Gym Member & sign a form, do induction  etc..)
All gym users must follow the Gym code of conduct.
The Gym cannot be accessed by anyone who has NOT signed up as a Gym member.
Fees - 2019/20 season (our season runs May - April) - attached.
gym fees
Active (Patrol, Long-service, FNC Support) members - Age 15 (BM for individual access) & up  - FREE (only membership + $15 required for FOB deposit).
U18s - parent must be present for induction & sign forms etc.
- Members aged 13-14 (with SRC) are allowed to use the gym (under supervision from a senior active member).
- Junior members (12 & under) do not have access to the gym.
General / Associate Members - Fees are per table above.
ALL Gym members must do an induction prior to using equipment & accessing the building (including those U18).
Once you have processed your membership & payment on-line - please get in touch with the Club's Public Officer or Surf Sports Assistant to organise FOB & Induction.
For ALL gym members from the 1st May 2019 you will need to RENEW your membership for your Gym access to continue.