Become a Member - Registration and Renewal

BLSLSC2012 189Come and join our Surf Club and participate in the club activities that suit you - Junior Activities (Nippers), beach patrol as cadets or senior members or other volunteer tasks that suit your abilities and skills. New members are always welcome and you will become part of a friendly and encouraging Surf Club that has a great reputation. And our new clubhouse makes the job so much better. The club has over 500 members this season.

IMG 1288On-line Membership Registration or Renewal

Important: Online registration is the only method of registration. 

Membership from 1st May each year

The Membership year commences 1 May each year (in accordance with the Club's Constitution). Registration and membership must be completed before any surf life saving activities (including training) are undertaken after 1 May each year.



Step 1 - Registration/Membership Renewal

To join our surf life saving club for the first time or to create an account, go to

All existing and new members are required to set up an account with SLSA which will be used to create and renew your registration. This account also holds all your information such as proficiencies and awards. Account holders can log-in, update details, renew membership and pay membership fees in the Portal once you have created an account. 

Existing Members - Login to the members' area Member Portal Account uses the name, email address and mobile number that is stored in your club registration details (in the Surfguard database). If you have changed your email address or mobile number since you last accessed your acount, please contact the club registrar to get your details updated in Surfguard. When the correct details are recorded, you will be able to create or access your account. 

Do you have multiple family members that need to renew/register?  

The SLSA Member Portal provides access to an individual person's membership record in the national membership database, so each family member needs to have an account. You can still pay for the whole family in one go (see below), but because we patrol as individuals, earn awards as individuals and have individual personal details - everyone needs their own Portal account. Note: There's nothing stopping you from using the same email address and password for everyone's accounts - but each member needs a different username. 

Once you have created a portal account for each member of your family, you can create a "Family Group".

For Nipper membership at least one parent must also be registered and a parent will need to accompany the child to Nipper activities (and join in too!). Please ensure the parent member is also registered, paid and indicated on the payment (see below).

Transfers from Other Clubs - Members transferring from other surf clubs need to create an account then register with Ballina SLSC and pay the relevant membership fee. Pending Membership Applications will then be considered by the Club's Board for acceptance and outcomes advised accordingly.


 Step 2 - Payment of Membership Fees

Once you have created your account and renewed your membership, you need to pay the membership fee. Payment can be made via the portal - please ensure you provide details of your full name, membership fee (see below), the full name of the included parent member and the full name of anyone else you are making a payment for (and the fee).

Fees for Season 2018/19 are as follows (no change from previous year except that the second nipper parent fee is $30):

2017 18 fees

Membership for the first child of each family must include at least one parent/carer member in accordance with the Nipper Parent Policy ($50 for patrolling parent and $70 for general member). The second non-patrolling parent of a nipper can register for $30.


1 nipper and 1 general/non-active parent/guardian = $170.

1 nipper and 2 general non-active parents/guardians = $200

2 nippers and 1 general/non-active parent/guardian = $270 

2 nippers and 2 general/non-active parents/guardians = $300

3+ nippers and 1 or 2 general/non-active parents/guardians = $330

1 nipper and 1 active/patrolling parent = $150

1 nipper and 2 parents (1 parent is active/patrolling) = $180

2 nippers and 2 parents (1 parent is active/patrolling) = $280

U14 SRC nipper = $50 (parent membership not compulsory).

New nipper members receive an age group cap and a high-vis rash vest/shirt.

Using your Active Kids voucher: In the payment details, just include your child's name, date of birth and voucher number. This covers up to $100 of the nipper membership fee.

Step 3 - Member Protection Declaration

 All new adult members are required to complete this Member Protection Declaration. Most existing members have already done this. 

Step 4 - Acceptance of Membership 

Upon receipt of re-application, which must include full payment of membership fees, all pending memberships will be considered by the Board for acceptance and outcomes will be advised accordingly. For insurance purposes that re-application and determination of membership by the Board will need to be completed before any training or competition is undertaken. 

New Working With Children (WWC) Check

The new Working with Children Check is required for volunteers and parents of all sporting activities. This needs to be completed by March 2016. Click here for instructions. 

If you have any questions regarding membership or fees, please contact the club registrar.