Skills Maintenance 

(Proficiency)  Information

All active lifesavers are required to complete a skills maintenance (proficiency check) to demonstrate competency in the lifesaving award/s they hold and in which they wish to remain current

Current members have until 31 December each year to complete their proficiencies.

Please contact Director of Education  – .

Next Proficiency date for 2020/2021

  • Sunday October 18 2020         Time 1pm
  • Sunday November 15 2020    Time 9am
  • Sunday December 13 2020     Time 9am

Patrol Information

Up to date information regarding beach patrol hours, lifeguard schedule, conditions and safety information can be found on the Beachsafe website (or via the Beachsafe App on phone or tablet).  BLL SLSC patrols on Weekends and Public Holidays between September and April from 9am to 5.00pm.

Patrol Roster

Please contact Director of Lifesaving –


Courses are conducted both by Ballina Lighthouse & Lismore SLSC as well as Far North Coast Branch SLSNSW.

Join Our Club

Depending on your age and skills, becoming a member of our club opens the gateway to your becoming a nipper or a cadet…

Patrol Swaps

This season members are encouraged to use the Patrol Substitution function in the Members Portal to arrange Subs.

The system benefits both Members, Patrol Captains and Officers:-

  1. Members can advertise their need for a sub to all members of the club who currently patrol
  2. Members can track who they have confirmed they have substituted for.
  3. Substitutions automatically update in the Patrol Logs
  4. Patrol Captains get emailed a list of the patrol team that includes any subs.

Patrol substitutions enable members to indicate when they will be unable to attend a patrol therefore inviting other club members to sub for them.  Club members can also accept to sub for another member who is unable to patrol.  In addition, you can also ask another member to swap patrols with you, and then register that swap on the portal.

IMPORTANT:  Please contact your Patrol Captain if you cannot make your rostered patrol – we can then take action to ensure the patrol is not left short